SUIT NO: NEVHCV2011/0130 In the matter of sections 3, 12, 15, 18, 29(3), 33, 34, 36, 96, 101(4) and 104 of the Constitution of Saint Christopher and Nevis and In the matter of the National Assembly Elections Act Cap 2:01 and In the matter of the Nevis Island Assembly Election for the Constituency of Nevis 2 (Parish of St. John) held on the 11th day of July 2011. Mark Brantley And Hensley Daniel; Leroy Benjamin (The Supervisor Of Elections); Bernadette Lawrence et al: Assessment of Cost on Election Petition 

SUIT NO: NEVHCV2011/0121 Beyond Homes Ltd. and Kevin Huggins: Breach of construction agreement 

SUIT NO: NEVHCV2013/0105 Violet Jeffers And Marilyn Maynard: Undue Influence; Setting Aside a Memorandum of Transfer

CLAIM NO: NEVHCV2001/0096 Cecil Huggins v T.D.C. (Nevis) Ltd 

CLAIM NO. NEVHCV 2001/0055 Blondina Thompson nee Liburd (As Administratrix of the Estate of Livingston Liburd, Deceased) v Emmontine Liburd 

CIVIL APPEAL NO.27 OF 2003 Vaughn Manner v Tashayla Weekes (a minor by next her of friend Jasmine Parris-Weekes) 

CLAIM NO. AXAHCV/2002/0021 Erik Bart Bennink Bolt v Harris Richardson and another 

CLAIM NO. AXAHCV/1996/0089  CLAIM NO. AXA HCV 1996/0090 In the Estate of Cheryl Maxine Herbert, Deceased and others v Vernon S. Viera and another; In the Estate of William Valentine Herbert, Deceased and others v Vernon S. Viera and another 

HCVAP 2008/010 Charles De Barbier and another v Roland Leduc 

CIVIL APPEAL NO. 26 OF 2003 Emilio Rivera v Quantum Group Limited and another